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ERECTOR SETS         Wilesco Steam Engines       Stop on in!!!
Hard to find ERECTOR SETS Only A fue left


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We want to thank our loyal customers
for supporting us.


7821 W. Burleigh Milwaukee WI 53214

OPEN   Monday-Friday 10-8;    Saturday 10-5;   Burleigh store is open Sun 12-5;

Central Standard Time

E-mail us for info onehobby@happyhobby.com

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If you cant find what you need?

Please Call Us, We Probably Have It !!!

If We Don't Have Something, We  Do Special Orders

Yes We Have


R/C Cars We Stock Lots Of Them CARS TRUCKS AND PARTS
 2WD, 4WD,1/28, 1/12, 1/10, 1/8, 



Lots of PARTS Too



Sailboats, Gas, Nitro, Electric, Steam,
 Wood, Fiberglass, Plastic 
Fast or Slow We Stock Them


Ultralight, Home built, Kit built, Experimental, Light Sport, Plans built, Ultra light, L.S.A 

Have you ever wanted to go flying for Real ?

Live the dream

Airplane for sale

Live the dream


Full size Airplane's for sale

Velocity is




E-flight Helicopters

Scout Cx with battery and charger

In store Cash price

MCX with battery and charger    $79.99

MCX-2 with battery and charger    $119.99

MSR RTF with battery and charger     $129.99


We sell quality firsts that pass thru quality control

"Don't settle for less"


Rustler XL-5 35+mph  with battery and charger  $214.99

Rustler VXL Brushless with battery and charger   $369.99

Slash 2wd---Call

Slash 4wd---Call

Call for pricing on other Traxxas products

And yes we have a full line of parts in stock.



 The Original Liquid CEMENT


We still have some R/C MicroSizers
Miniaturized Radio-Control Technology

Monoject gun 12cc
 Good for glue or for precision liquid handling.
Glue hard to reach areas.
 Transferring paint and other liquids.
 Precision caulking.
 Filling air brush bottles.
 Priming engines
Available in quantity pricing.

Coin Collecting Supplies

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NEW STATEHOOD QUARTERS !!!! BOOK !!!! 1999 TO 2001 Number One, - - - - - - - - - -1999 PHILADELPHIA MINT-Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, Connecticut - - - - - - - - - - 1999 DENVER MINT- Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, Connecticut - - - - - - - - - - 2000 PHILADELPHIA MINT- Massachusetts, Maryland, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Virginia - - - - - - - - - - 2000 DENVER MINT- Massachusetts, Maryland, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Virginia - - - - - - - - - - 2001 PHILADELPHIA MINT- New York, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Vermont, Kentucky - - - - - - - - - - 2001 DENVER MINT- New York, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Vermont, Kentucky


Hoppin Hydros & Pegasus
Low Rider Model Hydraulics & Accessories

In Stock And Ready To Ship Yomega Yo Yos.

Fireball,-------- Saber Wing,-------- Brain,

Availability on discontinued models change all the time .

We are always finding something buried
some where in our warehouse or in someone else's.

If we don't have it today we might have it tomorrow so

E-mail with the manufacture and stock # 
we will  put you on our first come first serve list .

*      *      *      *      *      *

These are just some of the manufacturers items
we stock.
Click on the manufacturers name
and go to the page.

We have individual Catalogs available  and in stock for most of them
The costs vary

MMM 3m Company Spray Adhesive/Sandpaper
AJU A Justo Jig Wing and Fuselage Building Jig
. Acadian .
ATE Accurate Miniatures Plastic Models
ACE ACE R/C Chargers, electronic airplane parts
ACT Active Clay/Sand
ACY Academy Plastic model kits
ADC ADC Sanding Blocks
ACR Aero Car Technology Bearing & Dif Lube
ARM Aeromaster Paint, Painting tools
AEM Aeromarine Enterprises R/C Boat Hardware supplies
AEL Aeromarine Laminates R/C Boats and acc.
. Aero Motion .
ART Aero Tech Rockets High Power
AER Aerotrend Products Fuel line / Exhaust Tubing
AUR AFX Ho Slot Cars
AGI AG Industries
White wings
White wings
Paper Airplanes
AIM Aim Products Train tunnel portals
ARX AIRFIX Plastic Models
AIR Airtronics Radio's
AJS AJ's Twinn K Slot Car Stuff
ALE Aleenes Tacky Glue glue
. Alex .
ALX Alexander Scale Models .
ALN A Line .
ALT Altech R/C airplanes, Cars,Helicopters
ALL Allwood Wood Wagons & Mis
. AMAV .
AMB Ambroid Glue The Original Liquid CEMENT
. Ambrosia Microcomputer Prod Simulator Airplanes Helicopters
AAC American Art Clay Clay
ATF American Toy & Furniture Co (ATF) Kids assorted craft and hobbyitems, wood burning
. Amerigames International .
AMI Ami inc .
. Amour Products .
AMT MPC AMT/MPC Plastic Models
AND Andy's R/C Products R/C Car Bodies
AOS Aoshima Plastic models
APC APC props Airplane Propellors
AII Arii Plastic Models
ARS Aristo Craft Trains / R/C
ARN Arnold Rapido Trains
ASC Associated R/C R/C Cars
AST Astro Flight Electric Motors / Chargers
ATH Athearn Trains
. Atlantic R/C .
ATL Atlas Trains
. Australian Boomerangs Boomerangs
AMH Authentic Models Holland Wood Static Display Ships
AUT Autographics R/C Decals
AVA Avalon Hill Board Games
WST A-West Needle Bottles (Plastic Cement)
AFZ Azimut Plastic Models
. B&B Specialties Zenoah, Quadra Engine Parts for Lg Scale Aircraft
. B&D Enterprises .
BAC Bachmann Trains
B&L B&L Racing Products .
B&S Binney & Smith Artist Supplies
BAD Badger Airbrush Airbrush's and Paint
BRF Bare Metal Foil Metal Foil for Detailing models
. Battat .
. Bienfang Products Artist Supplies
. Billing Boats Wooden Static Display boat models,
. Bisson Custom Mufflers Mufflers
BRD Blue Ridge Decals Decals 1/24
. BME .
DIV Bob Dively Models R/C Jets
. Bob Parkinson Models U.S.A .
. Body Graphics Hardware boats
. Boley Corp .
BOL Bolink R/C Cars & Bodies
BON Bondhus Tools Tools
BDM Boomerangs .
BSN Bosun Boats Wood Boats
. Boyd Manufacturing .
. Brandine Wood Crafts .
. Breyer Animal Creations Plastic  Model Horses
BRI Bridi Aircraft Design R/C Airplanes
BRT Britians .
BRO Brodak Control Line Models
. BRP Racing Products .
BRU Bru-line Products Misc hardware for boats, cars, and airplanes
. BSR Racing Tires .
BUD Buds Racing Products R/C car hardware
. Buffalo Games Board Games

burago1.JPG (29892 bytes)

Burago Die Cast Cars
. Byron Originals R/C Lg Scale Aircraft
CAB Caboose industries Ground Throws, Train loads
CBA C.B. Associates/Tatone Spinners, Mounts, Tail Wheel Assemblies
. Calandra Racing Concepts .
CAM Campbell Scale Models Wood Scale Train Buildings
CCK Campbell's Custom Kits Model airplane kits
CAP Capsela Plastic Building System
CAR Carstens Publications R/C Hobby Books
. Celestron .
. Century Jet Models .
. Challenge Master Games .
. Chaosium Inc .
CHE Cheveron Hobby Products R/C Model Paint
. CHH Products .
CMI Chicago Model International R/C Planes
CHI Chilton Books Books
CHM Chimneyville .
CHO Chooch Enterprises Ground Throws, Train Loads
CTR Circutron Train- light bulbs, electric parts
. Clancy Aviation .
. Class Recreational Products .
. Clear Case .
. Cobra International .
CBH Colonial Birdhouses Birdhouses
. Combat Models .
CMT Comet Wood Stick Models
. Competition Electronics .
. Composite Craft .
CCR Con-Cor Trains Trains
. Constructo .
COO Cool Power Fuel Model Engine Fuel
COV Coverite Products Covering Material's
COX Cox Hobbies C/L Planes / Engines / R/C
. Craft air .
CFT Craft House Paint By Number Sets
CRS Crescent .
CRP Custom Racing Prod After Market R/C Car Parts
DAH Dahms R/C Car Bodies
DAN Dan's R/C stuff Misc R/C Car Stuff
DAR Dare Design Wood stick  models
DGA Darn Good Airmen R/C Pilots (rubber)
DBR Dave Brown Fuel Pump / Wheels  Simulator
DDD Davis Model Products Diesel Conv. kits
DNS Deans Connectors, Antennas
DTM Detail Master Plastic car model add on parts
DET Detail West Train Accessory Parts
DEV Devcon Glue, Epoxy
. DG Products .
. DGA Designs .
DIA Diamond Enterprises Wilesco and Mamod Stationary Steam Engines
. Direct Connection R/C .
. Discovery channel .
8919581001_small.JPG (1695 bytes) DML Dragon Models ltd. Plastic Models
. Doodle Art Poster Art w/Markers
DMC Dowling Miner Magnets Magnets
DOY Doyusha Plastic Models
DPI DPI Leisure Sports .
DPM Design Preservation Models Plastic Buildngs for Trains
. Dream Catcher Hobby Crafts

Dremel Power tools
DRP Durango Press .
DTL Duncan Toy Co Yo-Yos and accessories
DUR DuraPlane R/C Airplane
DTX DuraTrax R/C Misc Car Parts
DUR Duro Art Products Brushes
DYN Dynaflite R/C Airplanes
DYNM Dynamite R/C Car Stuff
DNT Dynathrust Propellers
. Earth Products .
ESY Easy Built Models    Free Flight wood stick models
EDG Edge Products .
EDI Educational Design EDI Educational kits
EKO EKO Miniature Models .
. Eldon J. Lind .
. Elenco Electronics .
ELM Elmers Glue glues
. Enya Engines Engines
ERN Ernst Misc Hobby Hardware
ESC Esci Models Plastic Models
. ESP Hobby Manufacturing .
EVR Evergreen Plastics for Scratch Building
. Extreme Motor Sports .
EZ EZ ARF airplane kits Almost Ready to Fly Airplanes Kits
FXS F.X. Schmid/USA Puzzles
. Factory Works Puzzles
FAL Faller Scenery for Trains
. Fine Design .
. Fink & Company .
. Fiskars Scissors
. Flite Line .
FLC Flitecraft .
FLO Floquil RR paint
FRS Forster Wood Products (popsicle sticks)
FOR Fourmost Hardware
FOX Fox Model Engines
TIT Franklin International Titebond glue (alphatic Resin)
. Fuji .
FUJ Fujimi Plastic Models
FUL Fults Tooling Nose Gear Hardware
. Funcraft By L-tec .
FUT Futaba R/C Equipment Radios
GAL Gallo Mfg Bird houses and Bird Feeder kits
GAY Gayla Kites
GEC Gecko Electronics Battery Dischargers
GEE Gee Bee R/C Airplanes & Floats
GEO Geometric Design Vinyl kits
GLN Glencoe Models Plastic Models
GLB Globee Glo Plugs
. G Mot CO2 Engine's CO2 Engine's
GFK Go Fly A Kite Kites
GBG Goldberg Hardware, R/C Airplanes, C/L Airplanes
GSP Granite State Iron On Hinges
GRE Greenburg Guide Books
to Collecting Lionel Trains and Other Collecting Things
GRP Graupner Propellers, Elec. Motors
GAP Great American Puzzle Factory Puzzles
GPM Great Planes R/C Kits, hardware
GRF Greenleaf Dollhouses
. Grish Plastics Propellers
GUI Guillow's Stick Models
GNZ Gunze Sangyo Models Models, Paints
GWS Grand Wing Servo-tech Park flyer electric aircraft and accessories
GYR Gyros Tools (bits)
HLC Halcyon Vinyl kits
HAL Hall Company .
HAS Hasegawa Plastic Models
. Hatori .
HAY Hayes Motor Mounts (glass filled)
. Hebco .
HMX Heli-Max Helicopter Parts
HEL Heljan Train Buildings
HLR Heller Plastic models
HRP Herpa Train Vehicles
HER Herr Engineering Stick Models
HIG Higley R/C hardware, Books
. Hirobo R/C Helicopters
RCD Hitec/RCD Radio Control Equipment
HCA Hobbico RTF Airplanes, Boats
. HobbyCraft Plastic Model Kits
. Hobby Lobby R/C Planes
HOB Hobbypoxy Epoxy glue and Paint
. Hobbytech .
HOL Holeshot R/C Car Stuff
HOP Hoppin Hydros Lowrider Model Hydrolics & Accessories
HOR Horizon Hobbies Vinyl Models
HBS Hot Bodies R/C Clear Lexan Car Bodies
HOU House of Balsa R/C Airplanes
. HP Model Engines Engines
HPI HPI Hobby Products International R/C Cars, Wheels
HGH Hughey Boats Marine Hardware
HUN Hunt Art Supplies
IMA IMAI Models Plactic Models
IMX Imex Model Co.Inc Plastic Models
INL Inland Tools, Soldering Irons
IHC International Hobby Corp Trains
. Irvine Engines Engines
IRW IRWIN'S Tuned Pipes
MIM Isle Labs Scenery for Trains, Liquid Foam, Foam Mountains, Wick
ITA Italeri Plastic Models
JAR Jarmac Table Saws & Sanders
JTE J' Tec Mounts (Aluminum), Instrument panel kits
. J&C Hobbies .
. Jammin ' Products .
. Jasman .
JBW J-B Weld Company Glue
. JCS .
JET Jet Hangar Hobbies R/C Jets
. Jiffy Foam .
JOZ JOZ Zinger Wood Propellers

JR Aircraft Radios  

R/C Equipment Radios
JRL JRL RC Racing .
KNB K&B Engines Model Engines- Aircraft, Boat
. K&K Slot Cars
KNS K&S Aluminum,Brass,Copper,Stainless
Stock, Music wire,Butyrate,Taps&Dies 
KAD Kadee Quality Products Trains (knuckle coupler sys.)
KAL Kalmbach Books Assorted Hobby Books
. Karoden Hobby Products .
KAT Kato Trains HO & N
KIB Kibri Train Scenery, Buildings
KIM Kimbrough R/C Car Products
KIR Kirin Models Plastic Models
MDK K-Line O/O-27 Trains
KLZ Klotz Fuel Additives
. KO Propo Radio Control Systems
KRF KRAFTKIT Quartz Clock Movement's &acc
KRA Kramer Products Train Goodies
KYO Kyosho R/C Boats, Cars, Airplanes, Helicopters
LAB Labelle Industries Lubricants
LAN Lanier R/C Airplanes
LAT Latina Wood Static Display Ships
LEJ Lejour Brushes Asst Hobby and Craft Brushes
LIF Life-Like Train Scenery,
. Life-Like Slot Cars    HO Race Cars
LIN Lindberg Plastic Models
LIO Lionel O/O-27 Trains
. Liquitex Liquid Acrylic Clear finishes
LIT Litespeed Connectors
LMC Lite Machine Corp .049 .061 R/C Helicopter
LOC Loc/Precision Rocket's Advanced Rockets
LOS Team Losi Radio Control Cars
. Lunsford Racing Radio Control Car Parts
MAH Mach Enterprises Boat Trim Plates,
MAC Mac's Tuned Pipes
. MAGIC MUFFLER'S Tuned Pipes for R/C Outboards
MAI Maisto Die Cast Cars
MAJ Major Decals Decals R/C Airplanes
. Makit & Bakit craft kits
. Man .
MAN Mantua Trains
MRH Marchon HO Slot Cars
MSP Marine Specialties Boating Hardware
. Marshall Brodien Magic Tricks
MSC Mascot Tools Hobby Tools, Drills
MAS Master Airscrew -Windsor Propeller Glass filled and Wood Propellers,
Motors and Geared Units Airplanes
MBX Matchbox Die Cast Cars, Slot Cars
MRB Maus Motor Sport Boats
. Maxtec .
MCC McCoy Glo Plugs
MCD McDaniel R/C NiStarters
MEA Meade Instruments Telescopes, Microscopes, Binoculars
MGA Mega Marbles Marbles
. Micro Distributing .
. Microflame Hobby Torch
. Microscale Industries Decals
. MicroSizers R/C MicroSizers
Miniaturized Radio-Control Cars
KAD Micro-Trains Line N Trains
MID Midwest Wood
(Balsa, Bass, Walnut, Mahogany, Spruce, Cherry, Aircraft plywood)
. Miller R/C .
MLT Milt Video Hobby Videos
MLB Milton Bradley Board Games
. Mini Champs .
MIN Minicraft Models Plastic Models
LTP Mini-Highways Highways for Trains
MIP MIP R/C Car Parts
. Mira .
MIT Miter Rite Tools Miter for Cutting Wood
MDC Model Die Casting (Roundhouse) Trains
. Model Electronics .
. Model Magic Balsa wood filler
MDP Model Power Trains
MOD Model Products Head Locks, Remote Glow Plug Igniters
MRC Model Rectifier Corp Train Power Packs
MON Monogram Plastic Models
COO Morgan Fuel Cool Power, Omega, Sidewinder Model Fuels
. Motley publications Books
MOT Motorbooks International Books
MIM Mountains-in-Minutes Liquid Foam
NHP NHP Epoxy Epoxy glues
NPB Nighthawk  Publishing Books

NITROELEMENTS INC. Radio Control Snowmobile
NCH Noch Train Scenery
NHP Northeast Hobby .
NCR Northcoast Rocketry Advanced Rocketry
NWS NorthWest Short Line .
. Northwest Tool Supply .
NOV Novak Electronic Speed Controls
NOR NORVEL Engines Small Model Engines
OCT OCTURA Model Marine Hardware Supplies
OSM O.S Engines Model Engines
OFN Ofna Racing R/C Cars
OHR Ohio R/C Models R/C Airplanes
OHI Ohio Superstar .
OPS OPS Engines Model Engines
. OTT-LITE (NEW) True Color Lamp
OPT Donegan Optical Co
Optivisor Head Magnifying Glasses
PAA Paasche Airbrush Airbrushes
PER Permascene Materials for Landscaping Trains
ZAP Pacer/Robart Zap, Zap-a-Gap, Retractable Gear
PAC Pactra Paint
Paint Brushes Paint Brushes
PAN Panavise Vises Tools
PRG Paragon .
PAR Parma RC  Cars, Bodies, slot cars
. Parsons .
. Pastime .
PEK Peak performance R/C car Stuff
PEC Peck Polymers Wood Stick Models
PCO Peco Train Switches
PGA Pegasus Hobbies Hydrolics switches for model cars
PEF Perfect Airplane parts, Train parts
. Perry Aeromotive Carbureators
PCA Pica Models R/C Airplanes
. PILOT modeling accessories
WDS PineCar Pine Wood Derby Car accessories (boy scouts)
. Pine-Pro Pine Wood Derby Car accessories (boy scouts)
PLA Plastruct Model Construction Plastic
. Pocher Models Die Cast Metal Models
POL Pola Model Buildings Trains
PRA Prather Products R/C Boats, and hardware products
PRE Preiser Train Figures
PRM Primex Clock Supplies
PRC Proctor Enterprises Small hardware for Airplanes
PRE Pro-Edge Tools
PRO Pro-Line R/C Car Wheels and tires
PRM Protoform R/C Car Bodies
. PSI Inc. .
PUR Pure-Tech .
. Quadrotech .
. Quincrafts Corporation Makit & Bakit
. R/C City .
RCP R/C performance Specialties .
. R/C Video Magazine .
RAM RAM Electronic Sirens, Horns, Etc
RVG Revell of Germany plastic models
REV Revell/Monogram Plastic Models
. Rhom-Air Retractable Gear for R/C Model Airplanes
RIV Rivarossi Trains
ROB Robart Retract Gear
RRP Robinson Racing Pinion and Spur Gears
RCK Rocket City Small Hardware
ROC Roco Trains
ROK Rokar industries HO Slot Car Racing
. RPM Richardson precision machining con rods and engine mounts
SAI SAITO Engines Model Engines
SAN SANYO NiCads Batteries
SCLX Scalextric 1/32 Slot Car Sets and Accessories
SCI Scientific Models Wood Ship Static Display
SCE Screamin' Models Vinyl Models
SEA Seagull Model Almost Ready to Fly Aircraft
SHO Showgard stamp mounts Stamp Mounts
SIG SIG MFG R/C and C/L Airplane Models and Accessories
SKL Skilcraft .
SKN Skynasaur/Mile High Kites Kites
SLI Slimline


SLX Slixx Decals Decals
SMA Smalltown U.S.A. Train Buildings
SMP Smith's Model Products CA glue
SON Sonic-Tronics Electric Fuel Pumps
SPC Spectra Kites Kites
SPD Speedmaster Model Products Boating Hardware
. Spring Air Retracts
SQK Squadron Kites Kites
SQU Squadron/Signal Books
. Sta-Brite Silver Solder
STE Sterling Balsa Boats and Airplanes
STM Steve Muck    Boats & Acc.
. Strombecker Slot Cars
SUL Sullivan Fuel Tanks, Starters, Nyrods
SUP SuperTigre engines Model Engines

Tamiya Plastic Models Military
Tamiya Plastic Models Cars & Motorcycles
Tamiya Science & Other
Tamiya Paint & tools
TAS Tasco Telescopes, Microscopes
TEK Tekin Speed Controllers, Chargers
TEN Tenax Liquid Plastic Cement
TES Testors Paints and Plastic Models
THU Thumblers Tumblers Rock Tumblers
The World Models Manufacturing Co.LTD A full line of almost ready to fly
TID Tidewater Engineering Propellers, Marine Hardware
TIT Titebond Wood Glue Glue
TOP Top Flite Models R/C Airplanes, Monokote
TFR Top Flight Recovery Rocket Parachutes
TRA Traxxas R/C Cars, Electric and Gas
TRT Trexler Balloon Wheel Company Wheels
TRI Trinity Motors, and Accessories for R/C Cars
TRU Tru Turn spinners Aluminum Spinners
TYC Tyco HO Slot Racing Sets, Trains
. Tyco slot Slot Cars
USA U.S. Aircore R/C Airplane
. U.S. Engines Model Engines
UML Uncle Milton Ant Farms
VEN Venom Batteries Batteries nimh - lipo
VST Vista Scenic Hobby Products Train Scenery Products (lichen)
VOL Vollmer Train Buildings
WLT Walthers Trains Train Buildings, Train Cars
WSA Weldbond Glue
WEL Weller   Soldering Irons
. Westvaco Glassine envelope for Stamps
WHA Wiha Tools Tools
WHS Whistles Unlimited Wood Whistles
. Whistlin'Dixie Trains
WHI Whitman Books   Coin Collecting Supplies
WIK Wiking Trains- Vehicles
WLS Wilesco Steam Engine's
WIL Williams Brothers Plastic Models, Wheels for aircraft
CDS Wizards of the coast     Magic The Gathering Card Game
WDK Woodkrafter Kits Wood Models Precut
WDS Woodland Scenics Trains Scenery
XAC X-Acto Modelers Tools
XUR Xuron Corp Modelers Tools
YAL Yale Helicopter Blades
Yom Yomega Yo-Yos Yo-Yos
YSE YS Engines Model Engines
JOZ Zinger Wood Propellers
ZNA Zona Tool Co Tool's
ZOO Zoom Copter Plastic Helicopter Toy


Please stop back, but before you go,
check out

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