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O and O-27Trains, Track


KLINECAT99.JPG (1082596 bytes)

40360CAT99 1999 Catalog  

4036900001.JPG (49005 bytes)

4036900001 Operating O and O-27 Trains
A comprenhensive guide that covers everything from (How to begin)  to detailed landscaping techniques. This book will transport the hobbyist from the four walls of the room to a railroad empire. Chapter on construction of tables   electrical wiring and operating various transformers are also included in this soft cover guide. 8 1/2in  x 11in format   240 pages. Fully illustrated

4036900002.JPG (46873 bytes)

403600002 Complete Service Manual for Lionel Trains
This text provides all schematic and wiring diagrams  a description of each item  and repair and operating instructions. Additional pages form the Lionel instruction sheets which accompany engines  operating cars and accessories.   This permanently bound hardcover book is a library edition designed for a lifetime of use.  5- 1/2in  x 8- 1/2in format. 732 pages. Fully illustrated.

4036900003.JPG (33993 bytes)

4036900003 Complete Service Guide for American Flyer Trains
This valuable reference book is one volume encyclopedia  with definite appeal for all train buffs. From these pages of the A.C. Gilbert service manual come: Schematic and wiring diagrams  a description of each item  repair and operating instructions for all items  a parts list and a master numbers index.   Additionally  sheets and booklets that accompany engines  operating cars and accessories are included.  This hardcover book will stand up to a lifetime of use.  7in  x 10in format  402 pages.  Fully illustrated

4036900004.JPG (55737 bytes)

4036900004 Track Layout and Accessory Manual
This is a great book that puts a whole lot of information together in a very straight forward format.  The content is a step by step approach to the layout and operation of trains.  Learn about the different track configurations from the pros as well as train maintenance  the operation of accessories and more.  This is the easiest most basic book available from this collection.  Perfect for the beginner hobbyist  8- 3/8in x 10-7/8 in format.  64 pages.  Fully illistrated.

4036944431a.JPG (98415 bytes)

4036944431 Milwaukee Road Olympian Hiawatha 6 Car heavyweight Set  

4036944431b.JPG (97048 bytes)

4036900761-1211.JPG (21807 bytes)

4036900761-1211 CP Express Scale Boxcar  

4036925181.JPG (32321 bytes)

4036925181 Canadian Pacific F-7 Diesel Engine A-A 2Pac  

4036904638a.JPG (76963 bytes)

4036904638a Lackawanna 15in Extruded Au  

4036925381.JPG (31888 bytes)


4036903209-0605.JPG (42346 bytes)

40369032090605W Boston & Albany Hudson
Semi Scale Die Cast Steam Engine & Die Cast Tender With with Digital Whistle.

4036903209-0605.JPG (42346 bytes)

40369032090605S Boston & Albany Hudson
Semi Scale Die Cast Steam Engine & Die Cast Tender With Full Digital Sound Includes: Engine-Chuffing-Bell & Whistle.

4036903238-1152w.JPG (46365 bytes)

40369032381152W Lackawanna Hudson
Semi-Scale Die Cast Steam Engine & Die Cast Tender with Digital Whistle.

4036903238-1152w.JPG (46365 bytes)

40369032381152S Lackawanna Hudson
Semi-Scale Die Cast Steam Engine & Die Cast Tender With Full Digital Sound Includes: Engine-Chuffing-Bell & Whistle.

4036903343-0810.JPG (45308 bytes)

40369033430810W Milwaukee Road Pacific
Semi-Scale Die Cast Steam Engine & Die Cast Tender W/Digital Whistle.

4036903343-0810.JPG (45308 bytes)

40369033430810S Milwaukee Road Pacific
Semi-Scale Die Cast Steam Engine & Die Cast Tender With Full Digital Sound Includes: Engine-Chuffing-Bell & Whistle.

403697621371.JPG (33920 bytes)

4036900762-1371 Milwaukee Road Scale Claccic Wood Sided Reefer #100652  

4036904618a.JPG (62258 bytes)

4036904618A Canadian Pacific 12in Extruded Aluminum 2-Pac  

4036904618b.JPG (82572 bytes)

4036904618B Canadian Pacific 12in Extruded Aluminum 4-Pac  

4036904618c.JPG (28120 bytes)


4036904648C Canadian Pacific Baggage 15in Car (14722)
with large sliding baggage doors

4036904680c.JPG (50163 bytes)


Business Car Features
O Scale (1:48) - 16in Long - Prototypical Reproduction - Extruded Aluminum Car Body with Fluted Sides - Overhead Lighting Illumination - Detailed End Platform - Fully Furnished Interior - Opening Doors - Metal Handrails and Grab Rails - Die Cast 4 Wheel Trucks - Separate Metal Truck Couplers - Metal Chassis with Details - O-31in Curves Required

4036904680-2100.JPG (32713 bytes)

4036904680-2100 Pennsylvania Business Car  

4036904698-0101.JPG (41237 bytes)

4036904698-0101 Adolphus Busch Business Car  

4036902422-4318.JPG (28119 bytes)

4036902422-4318 Delaware & Hudson Scale GP39-2 Diesel Engine
With Real Sounds

4036900613-1451.JPG (34716 bytes)

4036900612-1451 Delaware & Hudson
O Scale Classic Extended Vision Caboose

4036900612-1371.JPG (33722 bytes)

4036900612-1371 Milwaukee Road
O Scale Classic Bay Window Caboose

4036900612-1771.JPG (36967 bytes)

4036900612-1771 Nickel Plate Road
Scale Classic Bay Window Caboose

4036900613-1411.JPG (34543 bytes)

4036900613-1411 Conrail
O Scale Classic Extended Vision Caboose

4036900623-0301.JPG (17355 bytes)

4036900623-0301 Scale Ore Load for Die Cast Hopper  

4036900623-0302.JPG (17487 bytes)

4036900623-0302 Scale Ore Load for Die Cast Hopper  

4036900623-1331.jpg (28742 bytes)

4036900623-1131 CB&O Classic Scale Hopper  

4036900623-1591.JPG (27909 bytes)

4036900623-1591 Great Northern Classic Scale Hopper  

4036900623-1592.JPG (28889 bytes)

4036900623-1592 Great Northern Scale Hopper  

4036900623-1851.JPG (27498 bytes)

4036900623-1851 Northern Pacific Scale Hopper  

4036900623-8013.JPG (31098 bytes)

4036900623-8013 Peabody Scale Hopper  

4036900632-1611a.JPG (102760 bytes)

4036900632-1611a Classic Tank Cars with die cast chassis 4-pac

Illinois Centrel Classis Tank Car with die cast chassis

NYC Classic Tank Car with die cast chassis

Penn Salt Classic Tank Car with die cast chassis

Pure Oil Classic Tank Car with die cast chassis


4036900652-1391.JPG (22390 bytes)

4036900652-1391 Rock Island
The Rock Scale Classic Gondola

4036900762-7481.JPG (23104 bytes)

4036900732-7481 Pennsylvania RR Scale Wood - Sided Reefer  

4036900663-1211.JPG (27792 bytes)

4036900663-1211 Canadian Pacific Log Car (#308420)  

4036900663-1212.JPG (27536 bytes)

4036900663-1212 Canadian Pacific Log Car (#308430)  

4036900663-1851.JPG (26709 bytes)

4036900663-1851 Northern Pacific Log Car (#120354)  

4036900663-1852.JPG (27578 bytes)

4036900663-1852 Northern Pacific Log Car (#120359)  

4036900663-8011.JPG (22142 bytes)

4036900663-8011 Scale Classic Log Car (#45)  

4036900663-8012.JPG (25493 bytes)

4036900663-8012 Scale Classic Log Car (#48)  

4036900663-8013.JPG (25449 bytes)

4036900663-8013 Scale Classic Log Car (#49)  

4036900671-1891a.JPG (43181 bytes)

4036900671-1891a Pennsylvania Classic Ore Car 4-pac  

4036900671-1151.JPG (28360 bytes)

4036900671-1151 Burlington Northern Classic Ore Car with load  

4036900671-2111.JPG (29492 bytes)

4036900671-2111 UP Classic Ore Car with load  

4036900676-1051a.JPG (23544 bytes)

4036900676-1051 ATSF Scale Classic Coil Car 3-pac  

4036900676-1091a.JPG (31063 bytes)

4036900676-1091 B&O Scale Classic Coil Car 2-pac  

4036900676-1332b.JPG (29914 bytes)

4036900676-1332 CB&O Scale Classic Coil Car (#83704)  

4036900676-1331.JPG (26369 bytes)

4036900676-1331 CB&O Scale Classic Coil Car (#83702)  

4036900676-1332.JPG (34881 bytes)

4036900676-1332 CB&O Scale Classic Coil Car (#83704)  

4036900761-1091.JPG (24238 bytes)

4036900761-1091 B&O Sentinel Scale Boxcar  

4036900761-2171.JPG (24295 bytes)

4036900761-2171 Western Pacific Scale Boxcar  

4036900762-7481.JPG (23104 bytes)

4036900762-7481 PRR Scale Wood-Sided Reefer  

4036900762-7482.JPG (20849 bytes)

4036900762-7482 NYC Scale Wood-Sided Reefer  

4036900762-7483.JPG (22526 bytes)

4036900762-7483 FEC Scale Wood-Sided Reefer  

4036900762-7484.JPG (20193 bytes)

4036900762-7484 Southern Pacific Scale Wood-Sided Reefer  

4036900774-1431.JPG (25168 bytes)


k-0102.JPG (21333 bytes)

4036900102 Illuminated Station Platform
Detailed station platform with simulated wood grain floor and embossed shingle roof. Twin bulbs are attached to the supper columns. Station may be placed between multiple tracks in an urban setting or next to a single line for a more rural look.

k-0105.JPG (26854 bytes)

4036900105 3  Lighted Lamposts
Add illumination to your street scene with these authentic lampposts. Set of three.

k-0107.JPG (32698 bytes)

4036900107 Portable Spotlights
Illuminate sections of your track or building scenes with these adjustable spotlights.Set of two

k-0108.JPG (16458 bytes)

4036900108 Lighted Bumpers
Authentic equipment for end of spur line. The lighted bumper prevents the train from running off the track. Set of two.

k-0109.JPG (30933 bytes)

4036900109 Twin Lampposts
Return to yesteryear with this turn of the century classic. Set of two.

k-0120.JPG (25455 bytes)

4036900120 2 Double Track Signal Bridge
The Main Line signal spans two tracks even curved.
Two target lights change from red to green as the train passes underneath. Signal bridge may be wired for use as a block signal to halt following train automatically.

k-0121.JPG (39298 bytes)

As the train approaches this brilliantly illuminated tower one figure moves to the control panel and the other figure moves onto the deck to observe all automatically. When the train passes thay return to their original position.

k-0122.JPG (21848 bytes)

4036900122 Diesel Fueling Station
At the press of a buttin the figure with hose approaches track to fuel the diesel engine.The other figure moves around the trackside shanty. Release button and thay return to their original positions.

k-0123.JPG (16909 bytes)

4036900123 Automatic Crossing Gate
Gate lowers automatically to warn of approaching train. Gate rises to all clear position as train moves on.

k-0124.JPG (22594 bytes)

4036900124 Operating Barrel Loader
The Barrel Loader can be placed anywhere on the layout. A good place is on a rail siding so tat other trains may still operate while barrel loader is working.The barrels are placed onto loader chute manualy. At a push of a button-the fork lift moves from the base of the chute, dropping a barrel into the waiting gondola. Set includes depot and barrels.

k-0131.JPG (51926 bytes)

4036900131 Bubbling Water Tower  

k-0132.JPG (49437 bytes)

4036900132 Revolving Beacon
A vibrating moter attached to rubber feet causes the beacon to rotate slowley, casting red and green shadows on your layout

k-0133.JPG (55837 bytes)

4036900133 Searchlight Tower
Two high intensity lights realy illuminate your train yard.

4036900152.JPG (13928 bytes)

4036900152 Universal Lockon with wires  


4036900201 27in Curve 1/8 circle carded 4 pieces  

4036900202.JPG (15557 bytes)

4036900202 27in Curve 1/8 circle  

4036900204.JPG (21257 bytes)

4036900204 One half Curve  

4036900212.JPG (14649 bytes)

4036900212 42in Curve 1/12 circle  

4036900222.JPG (14580 bytes)

4036900222 54in Curve 1/16 circle  

4036900226.JPG (12872 bytes)

4036900226 72in Curve 1/16 circle  

4036900232.JPG (14804 bytes)

4036900232 Regular Straight  

4036900234.JPG (18160 bytes)

4036900234 One Half Straight  

4036900235.JPG (27957 bytes)

4036900235 Remote Uncoupling Section  

4036900252.JPG (14727 bytes)

4036900252 Double Straight  

4036900256.JPG (107317 bytes)

4036900256 Fxtra Long Straight  

4036900261.JPG (37977 bytes)

4036900261 90 Degree Crossover  
  4036900291 Insulator Pins dz  
  4036900292 Solid Steel Pins dz  

4036900301.JPG (38366 bytes)

4036900301 Add-A-Ties O Gauge  

4036900302.JPG (15573 bytes)

4036900302 31in Curve 1/8 circle O Gauge  

4036900304.JPG (18513 bytes)

4036900304 One-Half Curve O Gauge  

4036900312.JPG (14734 bytes)

4036900312 O Gauge 42in Curve 1/12-circle  

4036900318.JPG (15678 bytes)

4036900318 O Gauge 54in Curve 1/16-circle  

4036900322.JPG (14823 bytes)

4036900322 O Gauge 72in Curve 1/16-circle  

4036900323.JPG (13147 bytes)

4036900323 O Gauge 96in Curve 1/16-circle  

4036900324.JPG (12564 bytes)

4036900324 O Gauge 120in Curve 1/16-circle  

4036900332.JPG (13707 bytes)

4036900332 Regular Straight O Gauge Track  
  4036900333 Insulated Straight  

4036900334.JPG (19202 bytes)

4036900334 One-Half Straight O Gauge Track  

4036900335.JPG (25156 bytes)

4036900335 Remote Uncoupling Section O Gauge  

4036900342.JPG (16403 bytes)

4036900342 O-27 Straight  

4036900352.JPG (155423 bytes)

4036900352 Extra Long Straight O Gauge Track  

4036900361.JPG (38904 bytes)

4036900361 90 Degree Crossover  
  4036900391 Insulator Pins dz  
  4036900392 Solid Steel Pins dz  
  4036900412 Wide 54in Curve  


4036900432 Regular Straight 10in  
  4036900452 Extra Long Straight 30in  
  4036900491 Insulator Pins dz  
  4036900492 Solid Steel Pins dz  

4036900950.JPG (28742 bytes)

4036900950 AC Transformer  

4036900951.JPG (34082 bytes)

4036900951 High Power AC Transformer

With whistle control


4036900970.JPG (16031 bytes)

4036900970 Display Base 13in plastic with track       

4036900971.JPG (15809 bytes)

4036900971 Display Base 15in resin with track  

4036900972.JPG (12298 bytes)

4036900972 Display Base 21in resin with track  

4036900973.JPG (13021 bytes)

4036900973 Display Base 18in resin with roadbed  

4036904011.JPG (22687 bytes)

4036904011 Factory
with figures and accessories

4036904021.JPG (21761 bytes)

4036904021 Airport
with 3 planes-figures and accessories

4036904031.JPG (20140 bytes)

4036904031 Suburban Station
with figures and accessories

4036904041.JPG (30916 bytes)

4036904041 Police Station
with figures and accessories

4036904050.JPG (17336 bytes)

4036904050 Colonial House
with fence and figures

4036904061.JPG (35728 bytes)

4036904061 School and Playground
with figures and accessories

4036904072.JPG (22236 bytes)

4036904072 Service Station
with auto-figures and accessories

4036904081.JPG (20644 bytes)

4036904081 Diner
illuminated with silhouetted window figures

4036904091.JPG (22621 bytes)

4036904091 Firehouse
with truck-figures and accessories

4036904100.JPG (21883 bytes)

4036904100 Supermarket  

4036904101.JPG (20661 bytes)

4036904101 Book Store and Laundromat  

4036904102.JPG (38453 bytes)

4036904102 Convenience Store  

4036904103.JPG (20200 bytes)

4036904103 Hair Salon Pezza Parlor  

4036904104.jpg (24621 bytes)

4036904104 Bakery and Liquor Store  

4036904105.JPG (34441 bytes)

4036904105 Hardware Store
with detailed window art

4036904111.JPG (23031 bytes)

7036904111 Church
with figures and fence

4036904120.JPG (19552 bytes)

4036904120 Ranch House
with figures and fence

4036904132.JPG (19430 bytes)

4036904132 Barn and Chicken Coop
With animals and fence

4036904150.JPG (19751 bytes)

4036904150 L-Shaped Ranch House  

4036904160.JPG (18664 bytes)

4036904160 10 Assorted Autos
Five different car types to create busy road scenes. Set of 10

4036904170.JPG (18121 bytes)

4036904170 32 Figures with paint
paint these figures for a realistic addition to any scene. 32 figures paint and brush included

4036904175.JPG (20899 bytes)

4036904175 23 Farm Animals with Paint
23 animals-paint and brush included

4036904176.JPG (34426 bytes)

4036904176 12 Telephone Poles
Place poles near any village or town for added dimension.

4036904178.JPG (45150 bytes)

4036904178 Water Tower
Anecessity for your steam engine

4036904179.JPG (24258 bytes)

4036904179 RR Yard Signs
These signs add small but very important layout details. Set of 12

4036904180.JPG (16542 bytes)

4036904180 Girder Bridge
Span roeds and waterways with this bridge

4036904204.JPG (19267 bytes)

4036904204 28 Animals With Paint
Troughs-paint and brush included.

4036942301.JPG (22824 bytes)

40369042301 Passenger Car Figure Set Painted
Perfect for Heavyweight and Aluminum Scale Passenger Cars

4036941711.JPG (31089 bytes)

4036941711 Circus Rings & Things  

4036941712.JPG (20072 bytes)

4036941712 Circus Acrobats & Clowns  

4036941713.JPG (28163 bytes)

4036941713 Circus Ringmaster & Friends  


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